About Us

About Us


Melanin Mommies PGH provides mentors to a marginalized population of African American mothers age 14-21.

 Our mission is to provide  those pregnant or parenting mothers the tools they need to become the best women and best mothers they can be. 

Our programs assist them in overcoming 

inter-generational trauma and combating negative family cycles through mentorship, connection to resources and exposure to networks.

Our Vision


We believe that not only does it take a village to raise a child, the village has a responsibility to support, uplift and nurture the mother as well. 

The coming together of support for that mother is trans formative.

 We can greatly impact the world by producing confident, self-sufficient, educated and strong young mothers. 

I want to be a mentor!

How We Help


Through mentorship we connect these mothers to resources such as parental education, mental health and counseling services, professional development, financial education and life skills. 

Through their individual mentoring relationships and connections our young women become confident in their futures and more confident in what they can offer their children.